Hip-Hop On The Rocks

Mogul Mommies

Our client had already designed a physical, card-based version of their Hip-Hop On The Rocks party game and now wanted to "port" it to mobile. We distilled the core pieces of the game, the deck, the rules, the timers, the challenges and created an app to locally host games for 2-4 players or teams. We worked hard on creating a user flow that taught players as-needed and explained itself as plainly and simply as possible so players could focus on the "party" side of their chosen party game genre.

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We handled all aspects of the design, from art direction to UX to gameplay to sound, we did it all, and built it all too. The art direction was meant to be energetic, bright, and pulsing, like Hip-Hop culture. The "True or False" cards let you use a fader to decide your answer, timers vibrate with the bass as they count down, and the Turn Up Menu is meant to feel like a sweet digital audio system display.

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