Into the Dark: Narakan

Find yourself in a dark forest.

Find the Child... Escape the Forest... Conquer your Fear... Defy your Foe...

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“One of the best mobile roguelikes we've played in a long time.”
Pocket Gamer
A Mysterious Child

You awaken, lost inside an ominous forest, abound with fearsome creatures intent on cracking your knight's plate armor open and feasting on your bloodied flesh. You brave the threatening black wood, searching for the radiantly-glowing child calling your name; wondering, too, how she knows your name. You didn't know it; not before she called it.

Turn-Based Tactics Combat

A top-down, turn-based, adventure/strategy game with a clean minimalist design and a dark ambient mood, this stylish roguelike tells a fearful, dark story.

A Chess-Inspired Roguelike

INTO THE DARK : NARAKAN combines the strategic gameplay of turn-based games like chess and tactics games with world exploration and puzzle-solving to deliver a distinct dungeon-crawler-type game for your phone.

Find What You Seek

Aided by a narrative told in a darkly poetic, gruesome prose discovered in fragments, the clean, minimalist style and dark ambient mood of the game, expressed in every detail, from the art to the music, make the game a unique, compelling, immersive, intuitive, and engrossing experience for fans of the adventure/strategy, RPG, roguelike, and tactics genres.

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